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Press & Praise

The Julia Hall Experience: 

 It has been our pleasure to work with Julia Hall Interiors as we made the transition from a home in Maryland to Fernandina Beach.

• Service a new client should expect to receive - Julie and Benjie work as a team.  This was  beneficial in that they brought multiple perspectives to our decorating needs. A new client should anticipate being guided along a path that identifies their style preferences and decorating themes.  For us, this was the most difficult, but the most important step we needed to take before we could move forward.  Once you’ve reached that point, the decisions, purchasing, and fine tuning fall into place.

• Past Working Experience: We were fortunate that Julie and Benjie were so flexible and accommodating.  We were only able to meet every couple months when we came down to check on our property.  In between visits, we communicated between email and texts.  Their personal visits were valuable and right on point for our needs, to the point of meeting us at a furniture store to guide our selection of furniture and fabric. Our relationship continues after a year of direction and we anticipate continuing working with them through the completion of our decorating.

•  Understanding our Needs:  Julie and Benjie are skilled listeners.  Their patience and knowledge flow well in the decision-making process.  Nothing is rushed.  They always seem to gently guide to a result that is pleasing  while keeping within the guidelines of the original decorating theme. 

•  Successful:  To us, their success is evident.  We are so pleased with how our Florida home is progressing.  Looking back, the most striking asset of Julia Hall Interiors is their ability to see the big picture first, and then understand what it takes to complete that vision, room by room.

We really like Julie and Benjie!  Aside from being skilled and knowledgeable decorators/designers, they are very genuine, down-to-earth folks. Never having used a decorator in the past, contacting Julia Hall Interiors was a first for us, however, it continues to be one of our best decisions.

-Neil and Dulcy Sullivan


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