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A beach view from Spyglass condo remodel on Amelia Island Plantation.




Located on Amelia Island Plantation, this beach side villa features cool tones, clean lines and an invitation to unwind.

Brady Point

With beautiful views and solid bones, this home was almost the beautiful space the clients wanted. The spaces needed some final detailing to elevate the space. 

Piper Dunes

A coastal villa bringing in the sea, sand and sun.

10  /  01  /  2016

Solutions by Design

"At the core of a newly renovated home in Amelia Island Plantation is an appreciation of nature and a commitment to responsible energy use."

- Dickie Anderson, Amelia Islander Magazine

06  /  01  /  2015

Return to Paradise

"The family travels to Amelia Island almost every weekend, where they enjoy sleeping late, cooking, and enjoying the panoramic views from the sun room."

-Julie Simmons, Amelia Islander Magazine

04  /  01 /  2013

Dream Space on the Marsh

"Throughout the house are touches that reveal the homeowner's love of natural things."

-Dickie Anderson, Amelia Islander Magazine

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