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Press & Praise

Red Cedar

I never did well with “decorators." They didn’t listen.  They seemed to want to redo a home into their vision.  That is, however, until I met Julia Hall Johnson and Benjie McEntyre of Julia Hall Interiors here on Amelia Island.


Julia Hall Johnson had just completed a rebuild of her own home on the Plantation’s marsh.  I was about to begin a rebuild of a marsh home.  Initially, I spoke with her about needing help with sources and choices for tile and flooring and appliances and all the many minute decisions that had to be made “on schedule” along the way.  I was very clear that we wanted to use many of our own pieces and that we didn’t need her to rebuy furniture or find decorative “art”.  We had our own!   She was understanding and explained her billing; both for design time and for commissions on items purchased through her company, should we want to do so.   Her billing has been monthly and accurate.  I have never had to question her “hours”.  They have been spot on and generous.

Julie and Benjie listen.  They don’t try to tell us what to do, how our home should look.  They have helped us make sure our home feels and looks the way we envision it, the way we want it, only better.  They have listened and sourced and enabled and suggested.  Their knowledge and expertise has made what could have been a frustrating nightmare into a challenging, explorative, artful journey.

Aside from our respect for them professionally, we like them!  They are real and good people!


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